Computer Consultants

If you need computer consultants or to resolve any problem with the software part of it, users turn to the experts. Bringing the equipment in functioning state is the service prompt and quality computer help from our Center. The more in Moscow of computers, the more popular it becomes. What technique is able to break down at the worst possible moment.

Our service center computer help at home is a close – knit team of professional engineers and system administrators aimed at a rapid solution to any problem in the field of IT-technology. The complexity of damage does not matter, as staff are recruited only dedicated experts with extensive experience in the above areas.

Computer help provided by the specialists of our service, includes an extensive package of services. At the same time, the most common ones are.

Repair of computer equipment of any volume and complexity throughout the city. Setting up a new computer or equipment, which was given to a healthy state. Installation of the software. Connection Internet networking and WI-FI. Cleaning an infected computer from viruses, install a quality antivirus program. Recovery of lost data and information from any media. Repair any components and installing new, including the graphics card. Memory expansion hard disk, the modification of the computer equipment.