Computer graphics - section of computer science which studies the means and methods of creating and processing graphic images in pomosht computer equipment. Despite the fact that working with computer graphics, there are many classes of software, there are four types of computer graphics. Is a raster graphics, vector graphics, three-dimensional and fractal graphics. They differ in the principles of formation of the image when displayed on the monitor screen or when printed on paper.

Computer Graphics

Raster graphics used in the design of electronic (multimedia) printing and publications. Illustration made using raster graphics, rarely create manually by using computer programs. Often for this purpose use a scanned illustration, prepared by the artist on paper or pictures. Recently, for input raster image into the computer found a wide application of digital photo and video cameras. Accordingly, most image editors, designed to work with raster illustrations, is not so much creating images, but rather on their treatment. Online apply raster illustration in cases when it is necessary to convey a full range ottelu color image.

Software tools for work with vector graphics on the contrary is intended, primarily, to create illustrations and to a lesser extent for processing. Such tools are widely used in advertising agencies, design firms, editorial offices and publishing houses. Design works based on the use of fonts and simple geometric elements, are solved by means of vector graphics much easier. There are examples of highly artistic works created by means of vector graphics, but they are the exception rather than the rule, since art backgrounds illustration EPS vector graphics is extremely complex.

Three-dimensional graphics is widely used in engineering programming, computer modeling of physical objects and processes in animation, cinematography and computer games.

Software tools for working with fractal graphics is designed to automate the generation of images by mathematical calculations. Creating fractal art composition is not to draw or design, and in programming. Fractal graphics are rarely used to create printed or electronic documents, but it is often used in entertainment programs.