Laboratory for Computer Science

We can assume that the first system of computer graphics appeared along with the first digital computers. Project WHIRLWIND at mit was marked as the beginning era of computer graphics. As noted by one of the developers of the WHIRLWIND of Taylor Rules, the computer "contained about a quarter of an acre of electronics and had a display." Commentator Edward Mirrou in 1951 held the first "interview" with the computer in the television program. Taylor said then: "it Was clear that displays attracted the attention of potential users, and computer coding - no.

MIT nominally became a common place for men's and women's education since 1870, when he enlisted Ellen Swallow Richards. Female students, however, remained insignificant minority (could count several dozen) before the opening of the first women's dormitories McCormick Hall, in 1964. Women made up 43 % of all students, and 29% graduate students, registered in 2005. Richards was the first teacher-a woman at mit, specializing in environmental protection. In 1998, MIT became the first major educational institution to recognize the existence of a systematic bias against women teachers and podderjival efforts to remedy the situation. In 2003 the Institute published a large number of quotations, from which it follows that the status of women has improved in recent years. In August 2004 the candidacy of Susan Hockfield, molecular neuroscientist, he approved, and she became the first female President. She took office as the sixteenth President of the Institute on 6 December 2004.

MIT was not free from other controversies. In 1986, David Baltimore, Nobel laureate, and his colleague Theresa Imanishi's-Kari was accused of forgery of research results. This was followed by the investigation of the Congress, which demanded to opt out of Baltimore from his appointment as President of Rockefeller University, although the charges against Imanishi's brown was shot and he became President Tolteca. In the mid 80-ies of XX century technological historian David F. Noble, who does not have extended service life, accused MIT of your causeless dismissal, when he published several books and papers critical of mit's relations with corporations and the military departments. This case became well known, raising the question of the extent to which the research worker has the right to freedom of speech. In 2000, Professor Ted Postol accused the mit administration of attempting to remain silent about the forgery of research data at Lincoln Laboratories in relation to test ballistic missiles; the investigation is still not finished.

A large number of members of the mit community involved with free software like Richard Stallman or Hal, Abelson. Newspaper of the students of the mit — the MIT Tech —became the first newspaper on the web. In 2001 MIT announced that it planned to spread a variety of materials in different courses as part of its OpenCourseWare project. Also Nicholas Negroponte from the Media lab is the head of the initiative "one Laptop per child".